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Doug Redding

Michael Ori

Doug Redding


Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.
— Unknown

Doug Redding has always been interested in art & design. He excelled in Art class in High School, studied graphic design in college for a couple of years paired with a strong interest in interior design. He got side tracked by the mortgage industry; first as a loan officer, then as asset manager for a National REO/Foreclosure company,  and finally as a real estates agent. However, he came back to his passion for design 5 years ago when a friend approached him about a job in sales at European Marble & Granite. He has been an amazing addition to the European Marble & Granite family who takes pride in his work.

"European Marble is like a second family to me.  Everyone gets along so well and is united with a common goal to be the best in all that we do." - Doug Redding

As a sales representative, Doug particularly enjoys working with couples. He feels a sense of accomplishment when he can get both clients to come to an agreement on the perfect stone and design for their home. It's a balance of getting to know and understand the clients aesthetic, style, color palette (warm or cool tones), etc by asking lots of questions and then building upon those answers to bring about the prefect solution for their space. Maintaining a sense of pride in his work, engaging with clients, and enjoying camaraderie with his peers, Doug has become a valuable asset to European Marble & Granite.


Kathleen Fuhriman

Michael Ori


Owner / Lead Salesperson

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
— John Keats

Kathleen has had a long time love for European Marble & Granite. A background in interior design led her to bring her clients to European Marble & Granite to create stunning and memorable stone pieces for their homes and offices. In 2001 Kathleen brought her 24 years of design experience and growing fascination with stone work to join the European Marble & Granite family as an in-house designer and sales representative. In 2011, she and Joshua Crook took over operations and became co-owners of the company.

Working alongside a team of talented designers and craftsmen,  and with the capable assistance of Jessica Katwyk and Lauren Keogh, Kathleen is continually inspired by what a group can create from stone. Dedicated to excellence no matter the cost, the European Marble & Granite team is what drives her passion, “We have craftsmen and salespeople who come to work everyday giving their best work to our company. Daily, I see hard work, loyalty, dedication, and spectacular skill.”

Travel with her husband Craig, time with her family including the twin grandsons, an occasional bridge game or a good book are treasured times for Kathleen.

Kathleen took ownership of the company in 2011. Under her leadership, European Marble & Granite now leads the Intermountain West in custom stone and tile projects. It is her philosophy of exceeding expectations and inspiring clients that has established European Marble & Granite as a leader in the marketplace and keeps the company moving forward.


Joshua Crook

Michael Ori


Owner / CFO


As a member of the partnership that purchased and took over operations at European Marble & Granite in 2011, Joshua Crook has been vital to the company's current success and growth. Although he is a newcomer to the construction industry, Josh has over 15 years of experience as a finance and administrative professional in industries including banking, high-tech, and e-commerce.

Having always had a desire to own and operate his own business, Josh jumped at the opportunity to purchase European Marble & Granite.Since that time, Josh has helped push the company to new heights. During the first few years, he doubled both its revenue as well as its employee base. 

Josh learned quickly that their most valuable assets at European Marble & Granite are the employees. Building off the talented team he inherited, Josh brought on stone craftsmen, sales reps and designers that are second to none. One of Josh’s favorite activities is to stroll through the fabrication shop to see the amazing things that are being built and crafted by them.

Josh is an avid sports fan and outdoor enthusiast. He is a proud supporter of the University of Utah and the Utah Jazz, and he loves spending time in the outdoors with his family. He can often be found behind the wheel of some type of motor vehicle, either out on the rocks, sand, or local racetrack.


Tally Stevens

Michael Ori



Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
— Anna Wintour

Tally has always had a keen eye for design, fashion, and architecture. This passion led him to a position at European Marble and Granite as a sales assistant to owner Kathleen Fuhriman. Over the years of working closely with Kathleen, Tally developed his set of skills to become a Lead Salesperson. Continuing the mentorship model, Tally applies the lessons he has learned as he guides his two talented sales associates, Federico Bravo and Taylor Richardson.

Tally provides his clients with design expertise and extensive knowledge of stone and tile to create inspiring spaces. The challenges presented to create something distinctive for the client are what drive him. Finding unique stone slabs and marrying them to original layouts that speak to the client are the most rewarding aspects of his job. 

Tally participates with the local chapter of the National Kitchen & Bath Association. In his free time he works on renovating his 1955 Mid-Century “Atomic Ranch” home (link) with his partner Rustin and dog Bob Marley.


Rod Budge

Michael Ori



I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of these two things.
— Lindon Leader

After receiving his MBA from Brigham Young University, Rod worked in commercial lending, operations, and project management on a corporate level before coming to European Marble & Granite. Over the past 21 years, Rod has managed the company’s scheduling, operations, purchasing, accounting functions, as well as overseeing a significant percentage of EMG’s sales accounts.

Rod’s substantial background provides vision that assists designers and clients who may need expertise in the specialized and rapidly changing industry of stone and tile. Rod is now focused on sales and is supported by his two associates, Stephanie Atwood and Matthew Moore whom together,have a combined 22 years of customer service and design experience.

In his free time, Rod enjoys traveling to tennis tournaments with his wife Jeanene, hiking, biking, and other activities with his two sons.



Martin Gomez

Michael Ori


Installation and Production Manager

Let’s not worry about things. By worrying we are not going to fix anything. All we can do is work.
— Martin Gomez

Martin grew up in Zacatecas, Mexico and moved to the United States. in 1988. He found a job as an installation helper in Van Nuys, CA and immediately fell in love with the stone industry. Martin found the business interesting from day one and enjoyed finding solutions to any challenges that would come up.

In 1993 a friend in Salt Lake City invited Martin to work with him at European Marble & Granite as an installer. He moved to Utah and joined the European Marble & Granite family and has been here ever since! Through his dedication to excellence, Martin worked as a Lead Installer until 2015. His successful tenure in that position lead the owners to provide his current position as Install and Production Manager.

Martin strongly believes that it is the employees that set our European Marble & Granite apart from any other company. His continuous goal is to be able to help each of his co-workers succeed in their daily tasks.


Jared Ogden

Michael Ori


Sales Representative


Jared Ogden joined European Marble & Granite several years ago and was instantly impressed with the myriad of different colors and patterns that “Mother Earth” had to offer. Having graduated from the University of Utah with a Communications and Public Relations degree, he applies his knowledge by helping clients enjoy pieces of natural beauty in their own personal residential/commercial space.

Jared is  an outdoor enthusiast, and he frequently finds himself trekking, climbing, river rafting, biking, etc. through Utah’s mountainous terrain. Jared enjoys gaining an appreciation of stone in its original state, and he finds it impressive that stone from all over the world can be carefully installed in a setting outside its natural resting place for personal admiration.

Being a part of the delicate process where stone is brought from a mountain to installation is what brings Jared joy in the industry. Jared loves that European Marble & Granite is a “Yes” company that takes any client stone application request, regardless of its complexity.


Emilio Ariel Gomez

Michael Ori


Stone Engineer/Project Manager

Admire your stone prior to cutting it and you will find the best parts.
— Emilio Gomez

Emilio has been working with stone since 1990. He started his career in Beverly Hills, California working on high profile residences and, eventually, was recruited by European Marble & Granite.

Emilio has been with the company for the last 23 years and is on the cutting edge of creating, engineering, designing, and building highly technical stone applications. Emilio enjoys being challenged to apply designs that others say are impossible to build. He believes his work is art whether it’s a complicated and detailed fireplace or skyscraper clad in stone.

Emilio enjoys weekends with his wife and five brilliant children watching movies and spending time together.


Jake D. Staker

Michael Ori



Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
— Confucius

Jake has been in the construction industry for over 25 years, with over half of that time being spent in home building/framing. Jake started 11 years ago at European Marble & Granite in Commercial Sales after graduating from the University of Utah in Business Management.

Jake believes that what sets EMG apart from most granite companies is its ability to custom build almost anything a client can imagine in stone. Jake insists EMG is the best in the Intermountain West because of the team's technical/engineering skills and excellent customer service.

Jake enjoys working on his own construction projects in his free time and spending time with his wife and children.


Giovanni Blanco

Michael Ori


Fabrication Manager


Giovanni has been with European Marble & Granite since 2001 in a number of different positions in Installation and Fabrication. Giovanni’s leadership, hard work, dedication, and eye for perfection has recently led him to be promoted to Manager of EMG’s Fabrication Department.

Giovanni loves working at EMG and appreciates the teamwork and problem solving skills the employees use in various situations. Giovanni plans to work at EMG until he retires because he believes that he is working for the best company everyday.

When Giovanni is not working he enjoys time with his family and two sons.